The VTC 1910 can make vehicle telematics shine on the road

The VTC 1910 can make vehicle telematics shine on the road

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Intel Atom® E3815 Telematics IoT Gateway Super Slim and Ruggedized Design

The VTC 1910 can make vehicle telematics shine on the road. More capable than most telematics gateways on the market, the VTC 1910 can not only gather but also analyze vehicle data. In public transportation services, bus carriers can use the VTC 1910 to conduct an initial assessment on passenger overload with a combination of, for instance, headcount, load capacity, and tire pressure data. The fare evasion can also be addressed closely with real-time comparison of passenger count and collected fare. With new perspectives on vehicle telematics provided by the VTC 1910, bus carriers can improve road safety, passenger satisfaction, and operation performance. Fleet trucks and heavy duty machines can get a telematics revamp with the VTC 1910, transforming into a mobile node of the IoT. Equipped with rich interfaces and wireless connectivity, the VTC 1910 can read and compile vehicle status and diagnostic messages from vehicle control networks and keep control centers updated on vehicle locations and work progress. Moreover, users can enjoy uninterrupted data transmission by taking advantage of the flexibility to switch between data service networks for better LTE connection.

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Technical description
  • Super slim and ruggedized design
  • Intel Atom® processor Bay Trail E3815 (1.46GHz)
  • Built-in 2 x CAN 2.0B, optional SAE J1939/ J1708 module
  • Smart power management with Ignition on/off delay via software control and low voltage protection
  • Built-in U-blox M8N GPS
  • Dual SIM cards for WWAN modules
  • Wide range DC input from 9 ~ 36V
  • Wide operating temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
  • Certified by CE/ FCC/ E13 mark
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